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 Designed specifically for the unique after school learning environment, our Judaic curriculum provides content-rich activities and experiences reaching different types of learners and growing their Jewish connection.

Four elements make up our Judaic Curriculum

Learning Through Jewish Values

The JPlay After School core curriculum includes Jewish calendar and holidays, Torah, Jewish history, prayer/תפילות, Jewish music, and Israel.

There are 18 units to the Core Curriculum that span the entire school year, each with differentiated activities, experiences, and lessons designed for the after school learning environment.

To ensure students achieve depth and breadth of knowledge, each unit is explored through a different set of Jewish values each year.

There are 6 groups of values that serve as the lenses of studying the core curriculum: Wisdom, חכמה, Courage, אומץ לב, Decency and social intelligence, דרך ארץ, Justice, דין, Balance, רודף שלום, Wonder, מלכות.

Learning Through Language

Hebrew Language Learning is focused on reading, writing, and speaking Hebrew.

Based on a combination of strategies and models including immersive Hebrew experiences, Hebrew infused classrooms, Israeli teachers and staff, and small group reading groups, JPlay After School draws on the years of successful learning at TBA's Jewish Learning Program.

We use Hebrew in everything that we do!

The classroom structure and activities include significant Hebrew vocabulary and phrases in addition to the specific time devoted to Hebrew language acquisition.

Learning Through Doing

Students will explore the Jewish year through celebrations and ritual.

Students will learn about Jewish Rituals such as lighting candles on shabbat, the ceremony for Havdalah, Rosh Chodesh, Hallel, lighting the Hannukiah, kashrut, Torah dressings, the Ark, the ne’er tamid, and the yad, how different types of Jewish people observe Jewish rituals in different ways and much more.

Students also learn about holiday practices and symbols such as the Sukkah, Lulav and Etrog, Megilat Esther, the Haggadah, and of course the many Traditional Jewish foods and meal customs from different Jewish cultures.

Learning through the Arts and STEM 

Kids learn best when they guide the journey. JPlay After School incorporates Art, Music, Dance, and Israel Joy each week.

Additionally, topics are often explored through science and cooking. Tinkering is a favorite sport at JPlay After School and takes place in our beautiful Creation Station Makerspace room. 

Students in grades 5 and above will have moderate access to Jewish games and on-line learning. Apps such as Duolingo, Kahoot, and Jigzi help reinforce learning.

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